How to save money when you’re a spender


I love to treat myself. I love shopping, eating out and paying for services that make me feel and look better. I’ve always been a spender but this past year, I’ve noticed that my savings have decreased and my credit card balance has increased. It hit me pretty hard – it’s still hitting me actually …

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current skincare routine


One of the main reasons I started my blog was because I was regularly trying new beauty products (obsessed) and I wanted to tell someone all about it! My mom is an aesthetician (from Romania) so she has always shared valuable knowledge and definitely inspired the beauty guru in me. Since I always want to …

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my skin history

Beauty Life

My obsession with my skin started very young. I started getting blackheads on my nose and breaking out on my forehead in the seventh grade. At that time, I was already self-conscious about my strong Eastern European features, so the unruly skin definitely didn’t help my self-esteem. My mom is an aesthetician, and she helped …

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