mikasa beauty: techni oval brushes & lemon drop sponge


Convenience, application ease, time and money savings – all things to consider when shopping for a new product. In this case, I am considering the time and budget I have, my patience levels and my alertness first thing in the morning when I am getting ready for work. I have been curious to try the new style of makeup application brushes, but cringed at the cost.

Conveniently, Mikasa Beauty reached out to me and offered me a discount to try their products and report back. I have to say that at first, I was unsure how to best utilize them in my routine, however with consistent usage, I haven’t turned back. I purchased their Techni Oval brush range which comes with four brushes of different sizes. The brushes are very soft and dense and allow me to have a controlled application of liquid and cream products. I then blend out with their lemon drop sponge. Keep reading below to find out how I like to use each brush, and how you can get your hands on them.


The Techni O6 Oval brush is what I use for foundation. I like the ease of application and the consistent coverage during application. The bristles are soft and do not micro-exfoliate my skin when I am blending my foundation in, preventing any dry skin for becoming irritated. At first I was unsure of how I felt about this particular brush, but when compared with my standard foundation brush, I found that I use the same amount of foundation (two pumps) and get additional blending that I do not get from a standard brush.

I use the lemon drop beauty sponge (which I think is comparable to the beauty blender – unlike other sponges – I reach for it every time) to further blend in my foundation for a seamless appearance. This has been my favourite way of applying my foundation since I am getting an even and smooth application.

I use the Techni O2 Oval brush to apply my cream contour colour and cream bronzer. It gives me a controlled application and deposits the right amount of product onto my skin. I use the lemon drop sponge again to blend it in.

For my nose contour, which has become a big part of my routine (I love it!!), I use the L2 Linear brush to apply and the C2 Circle brush to blend. It is so precise and natural looking, that you cannot tell I have a nose contour. I use the lemon drop sponge to further blend out the lines for a flawless finish.


I am so happy that Mikasa reached out to me and I discovered them because their brush and lemon drop sponge quality are high quality for a fair price. The Techni Oval brush range, which comes with the four different brush sizes, is $80. When compared to the competition, it is significantly less and yet delivers the same result. The lemon drop sponge is the best sponge I have found for blending as it is stretchy and dense. I find that it holds its shape well and does not tear easily.

If you would like to try the brush range, or anything else on the Mikasa site, you can receive 25% off by using my coupon code: NIANOTIONMUA25.

Let me know in the comments below what you think!